2014 The Labyrinth inside the Cube of the Flower of Life Salzburg

Labyrinth inside the cube of the flower of life in 2014
An order for a private garden in Salzburg
Material / technology: Stainless steel, laser supported, varnished in 3 colours, 65 cm high, installed in a distance of 7 cm on the wall.

One day when Erwin and Uschi Reissmann visited me in Salzburg, I asked Erwin whether he could find the labyrinth in the geometrical structure „of the flower of life“ whose contents employed me already longer and which already stimulated Leonardo da Vinci at that time to sketches – and thanks Erwin – he discovered really the labyrinth inside it! The cube also appeared, the symbol of the element earth in accordance to the Platonic Solids, so to speak, as a side effect

Hence, it was a big joy for me, to install this special energy object with varied symbolic salary in this beautiful green living room.

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