2018 Sharing Heritage: Labyrinths in Europe

The European cultural heritage year 2018 is an occasion for the Outdoor exhibition “Sharing Heritage: Labyrinths in Europe” which is shown from the 14th of April – 3rd of June, 2018 on the Schwarzenbergplatz in Vienna.

The Outdoor exhibition exists of a round labyrinth with five circuits (diameter: 33 m) which is put from 400 home ornamental plants and useful plants: Lilac, snowball, hazelnut, Pfaffenhütchen, privet and some small apple trees.

Labyrinth on the Schwarzenbergplatz

Labyrinth on the Schwarzenbergplatz, Photo © Lisa Rastl

The 310-m-long way into the middle invites the guests to walk without ruffle and gives them the possibility to experience his oscillations and changes of perspective in a physical-sensual way. There is the ceramic sculpture “Nutshell” (implementation: Marie Janssen) and there sounds quiet music (Flora St. Loup).

In the outside advertising pillars show 40 different labyrinths of the European cultural history – from the historical mosaic up to the present art.

Advertising pillar on the Schwarzenbergplatz

Advertising pillar on the Schwarzenbergplatz, Photo © Erwin Reißmann

I am represented with my Mirror Labyrinth in the trout pond which was to be seen in 2001 in the park Hellbrunn – Salzburg as a temporary installation.

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