Marianne Ewaldt

Born 1944 in St. Lorenzen (Steiermark, Austria)
1971 introduced from Prof. Lehmann to work in ceramic
Since 1976 independend artist – with own studio in Salzburg
Numerous exhibitions (Italy, France, Germany, Austria, etc)
Working abroad in Italy and France: 1989, 1998 and 2000
Grands from the City of Salzburg (Salzburger Kunstverein) 1980 and from the county Salzburg (Landesregierung Salzburg) 1990
Public commissions (art on buildings) and works in publish collections since 1989
Studies in geomancy with Nigel Pennick, Marco Pogacnik and others

Since 1992 I am focusing at the labyrinth in many different forms such as workshops with children and seniores, acryl-paintings, designs of labyrinth-logos, many temporary and permanent labyrinth-buildings (made of stone, wood, bricks, paper, ceramic, textil, snow, sand, flowers, nets, willow, light …)

1994 My first public labyrinth: commission by the city of Salzburg, mount-labyrinth in a children playground
1997 Commission by the town of Obdach: stone-labyrinth in front of the school
1999 Production of Ceramic-Labyrinth-balls for the labyrinth-exhibition by Ilse M. Seifried in the Shedhalle St. Pölten, commissioned by the state of Lower Austria
2001 Land art with spiral forms and labyrinth-installations in the park of the castle of Hellbrunn, commissioned by the city of Salzburg
2002 Public labyrinth: commissioned by the culture centre Höribachhof, Mondsee (Upper Austria)
2003 Installation of the archic-labyrinth in the exhibition „den Raum beziehen” in Strobel/Wolfgangsee (Upper Austria)
2004 Installation of the seven path labyrinth made of willow in the exhibition „stille Besucher” in Ibm/See (Upper Austria)
2004 Light-labyrinth-installation (stage setting) for the concert „Odysseus” in the Landestheater Salzburg
2004 Ceramic-labyrinth-sculptures for the exhibition „Labyrinths and Mazes” in the castle Honhardt (Frankenhardt, Germany)
2005 Künstlerhaus Graz (Styria, exhibition „Labyrinth”
2005 Installation of a seven path labyrinth in the monastery garden Seitenstetten (Lower Austria)
2005 Exhibition „Natur im Raum” grass-labyrinth in Art BV Salzburg
2005/06 Participation in exhibition „MathematiKeramik” at the university of Klagenfurt (Carinthia)
2007 Virtual madonna of Wagrain, installation on the Burghügel, together with Daniel Zimmermann
2007 Lawn-Labyrinth on public space in Thalgau (Salzburg)
2008 Letter-Labyrinth, groupwork for the exhibition „the place of being”, Evang. Bildungswerk Salzburg
2008 Artisti Internationali in Casa Meledu, group exhibition in Sindia, Sardinia (Italy)
2008/09 „Intern. Sculptural Ceramics”, new Labyrinth-spheres, participation in exhibition St.Joseph Galerie Leeuwarden (NL)
2009 Exhibition, art at the castle „the only constancy is change”, Atelier Hödelmoser, castle Hohensalzburg
2010 „Art – samples”, group exhibition in the office for women’s affairs Salzburg
2010 Participation in exhibition „minimal housing” artists coffins, Zwerglgartenpavillon, Salzburg towngalleries
2010 Salinensymposium, invitation from the culture department in Hallein
2010 Lightcord-labyrinth in the courtyard of the castle Hohensalzburg during „the long night of the museums”
2010 Participation in exhibition „un rêve d’art”, 20 years of gallery G, Judenburg (Styria)
2011 Exhibition – Salinensymposium 3, with 9 artists in the gallery Traklhaus, Salzburg
2011 City dialogue„The Labyrinth“ Castle Mirabell, Magistrate of Salzburg
2012 Labyrinth inside the mirror octagon, exhibition „being in the center“,
Gallery Roman cellar, Salzburg
2013 My portfolio at „Kunststoff“, in the gallery of the city of Salzburg
2014 Participation in exhibition „der Mensch im Mittelpunkt“ (human being in the central point), Labyrinth from bandages, BV Salzburg
2014 „Labyrinth inside the Cube of the Flower of Life”, metal object, private order at Salzburg
2015 Exhibition ”Licht/Schatten”, town gallery Lehen, city of Salzburg
2015 Exhibition “Something remains-Gloria Zoitl & friends“, town gallery  Lehen, city of Salzburg
2015 Exhibition “100”, gallery at the Traklhaus, city of Salzburg
2015 „Wood Billet Labyrinth“ (temporarily). Finding the centre“. With a conversation evening on the theme Labyrinth, with Susanna Andreini, manor Glanegg, Salzburg
2016 “Art at Lehener Park”, labyrinth of encounters with Gloria Zoitl, Gian Piero Manca and schoolchildren from Lehen
2017 ArtBV exhibition “Salzburg: Visions” in Salzburg and Tallinn / Estonia, organization and curator: Mag. Peter Rieder
2017 Austriamentis in Sardinia
2018 Sharing Heritage: Labyrinths in Europe
2018 Laboratorio Bosa