Right from when I first started working as an artist (ceramic artist – 1972) my greatest wish was to establish a connection between my intellectual and spiritual path, and my creative expression.
Although I was aware of the concept of the labyrinth before I encountered Nigel Pennick through a workshop in 1992, I had no idea of the depth of meaning behind this symbol. My consideration of the labyrinth has taught me much about the journey of life and many discoveries have entered my soul as if via a dream. I am honoured that as an artist I am in the right place at the right time to be involved with the revival of this ancient symbol.

The labyrinth is almost always the main theme of my various exhibitions. My intention is to make accessible its healing possibilities for body, spirit and soul to people. Intellectual knowledge or theory alone cannot lead to healing. I believe that access to the emotional state comes only when integrated with experience. Only then holistic healing is possible. Therefore I cannot only create ceramic labyrinths but must also lay out labyrinths in which people can move around.


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