2019 Kunst-Stoff in Italy

Performance on 19 July 2019 in Alghero (Italy) as part of an art week:

The Mystery of the Labyrinth

Marianne Ewaldt, Salzburg: Labyrinths and ceramic objects
Enrico Fauro, Sardinia: Actor, performer and theater director
Gloria Zoitl, Salzburg: organization and moderation

2019 Kunst-Stoff

In Stadtgalerie Lehen Salzburg on March 27, 2019, 6 pm:

The Mystery of the Labyrinth


… the unknown god is the source of creative energy. The female goddess is the sun who donates light and warmth. It needs another divinity, the moon, the son-god, who can reflect his power over the world and keep his balance. This son must die regularly to be reborn with all of nature …

Marianne Ewaldt, Salzburg: Labyrinths and ceramic objects
Enrico Fauro, Sardinia: Actor, performer and theater director

Organization and moderation: Gloria Zoitl

Here some pictures from Erwin Reißmann:

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2018 Sharing Heritage: Labyrinths in Europe

The European cultural heritage year 2018 is an occasion for the Outdoor exhibition “Sharing Heritage: Labyrinths in Europe” which is shown from the 14th of April – 3rd of June, 2018 on the Schwarzenbergplatz in Vienna.

The Outdoor exhibition exists of a round labyrinth with five circuits (diameter: 33 m) which is put from 400 home ornamental plants and useful plants: Lilac, snowball, hazelnut, Pfaffenhütchen, privet and some small apple trees.

Labyrinth on the Schwarzenbergplatz

Labyrinth on the Schwarzenbergplatz, Photo © Lisa Rastl

The 310-m-long way into the middle invites the guests to walk without ruffle and gives them the possibility to experience his oscillations and changes of perspective in a physical-sensual way. There is the ceramic sculpture “Nutshell” (implementation: Marie Janssen) and there sounds quiet music (Flora St. Loup).

In the outside advertising pillars show 40 different labyrinths of the European cultural history – from the historical mosaic up to the present art.

Advertising pillar on the Schwarzenbergplatz

Advertising pillar on the Schwarzenbergplatz, Photo © Erwin Reißmann

I am represented with my Mirror Labyrinth in the trout pond which was to be seen in 2001 in the park Hellbrunn – Salzburg as a temporary installation.

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2017 Austriamentis in Sardinia


at Alghero/Sardinia

participation on the event / exhibition: 20-year cultural exchange Salzburg-Sardinia at Valentina Piredda’s invitation

Temporary chalk-text-labyrinth on the stone floor

2016/2017 The Labyrinth inside the Mirror Octagon at Valguma Pasaule (Latvia)

Vita Belavniece and Viesturs Serdāns reconstructed the labyrinth inside the mirror octagon in 2016 after a visit to the Villa Sinnenreich (Museum of Perception) in Rohrbach (Austria) at their facility in Valguma Pasaule.

Photo © Viesturs Serdāns

The mirror octagon inside the octagon.

Photo © Viesturs Serdāns

The labyrinth inside the mirror octagon in the octagon.

Photo © Viesturs Serdāns

Vita on her birthday in the labyrinth.

Photo © Viesturs Serdāns

Information board to the octagon.

2016 Labyrinth at the Lehen Park Salzburg

Art project “Encounter Labyrinth”:

The Lehen park should receive a new cultural signature by an annual art project limited to the summer months.

The start for this year was  made by Marianne Ewaldt, Gian Piero Manca and Gloria Zoitl with an ensemble composed of a labyrinth and sculptures, in whose production schoolchildren and juveniles from the surroundings of the park were integrated.

The development of common thoughts for work and a personal relationship to idea and material were central to the interactive project „Encounter Labyrinth”.

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